What Dog Food to Feed?

The type and how much? What are you feeding your dog now? Do you eat it? Does it flavor good and have a good smell? Is it glossy nuggets or crumbly pieces?

Today there are so many dog foods on the market. Thus many people say “don’t feed that; it has corn or other filler in it”. “Feed this; “it’s all natural with no fillers in it” and so on. www.corbyrock.ie

Very well I realize for a simple fact there is something just like a dog food that is actually good for pups, meaning it’s too packed with vegetables and/or human quality meat. God created canines, not to eat human being food, but to eat the bones, skin, and innards of animals that many people throw away. Puppies do not thrive on all human grade food. But don’t go away and buy the cheapest dog food either. A few fillers in cheap dog meals are chicken down, beaks, and other products that dogs would not eat if they murdered an animal themselves.

Right now if the food you are feeding your dog is made by an inspected dog food company it will say poultry by-product as an element if it contains chicken breast skin, organs, feathers, beaks and such. It’s a shame, because skin and organs are a must in a good dog food, while feathers and beaks is never found in any food.

And before purchasing food for your puppy visit their web site, Google it to see its reviews and talk to those who raised on it. Another factor to consider when purchasing dog food is how much time was the food made before it was put on the shelf for sale? Does indeed it have more than 1 year expiration day? The best dog food is manufactured after its recently been ordered, has more then 1 year until it finally expires. Most dried dog kibble found in grocery stores and other stores are made quickly on high heat and in large sums so that a profit can be made quickly. The best grade food is cooked slowly at a milder temperature conserving the nutritional value and flavor. If you feed your puppy a good kibble such as Eagle Pack which has nutritious skin and bodily organs, but does not contain feathers and other bad fillers, you can expect less allergies, less epidermis problems, a good urge for food and less vet expenses.

But don’t just give food to your dog dry kibble, feed him an organic beef femur bone from a butcher from time to time. If your dog lives in the house, put the bone in a Ziploc handbag in the freezer and get it out just once your dog needs something to chew on or get, then put it back in the refrigerator. For a puppy this feels really good when they are getting new teeth.