The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

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Web design is a technical profession which requires a well-rounded designer. The designer must keep up to date with both current and emerging trends to stay relevant competitive at all times. Responsive web design is one of the recent developments in website design, and all designers should have the skills associated with this type of design. Responsive websites are in such a manner that their size responds to the size of the device used by visitors to view the website’s web pages. Responsive web design involves the use of fluid, CSS3 Media Queries, Proportion-based grids, and flexible images.

RWD (Responsive Web Design) is necessary because more than 50% of internet users use mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, iPad, and other handheld devices to access the internet. Nowadays there are wearable devices such as smartwatches which have a relatively small screen real estate. All these devices have varying real estate when it comes to display. Back in April-21-2015, Google initiated “Mobilegeddon,” a program through which they boost the ratings of responsive websites which are mobile friendly. If you would like to own a website, ensure that it has responsive capabilities. You should, therefore, hire a web designer with responsive design skills regardless of your location. People living in Perth, for instance, should hire Perth website designers who can create a responsive website.
Web designers of choice should ensure that your website’s text, screen-layouts, navigational elements, images, audio and video players and other user interface elements auto-adjust and re-adjust on a variety of devices. The responsive website feature saves you the extra time and other resources such as money required to design and maintain a separate mobile website and a desktop version of the same website. Responsive websites offer different advantages to their owners as we shall see. 4
Advantages Associated with Responsive Web Design
There are several advantages that a website owner acquires from owning a responsive website.

For starters, a responsive website is super flexible. Responsiveness gives the site a fluid feel whereby the content moves freely across all varying screen sizes on different devices. The flexibility of website content makes it possible to have increased accessibility to website features. Arguably, flexibility improves online shopping on E-commerce websites.
RWD offers Excellent or improved user experience for your customers and visitors. The primary focus of RWD is providing users with the optimal experience when browsing a website. It eliminates difficulties associated with the wrong layout of content that occurs when RWD is left out in the architecture of a website.
RWD offers Cost Effectiveness to the website owner who does not have to spend money and time on creating and maintaining some separate sites for different devices with varying resolutions.
It contributes to higher ranks on Google search engine because Google endorses and promotes responsive websites. Higher Google search engine rankings result in increased traffic to your website, and in the long run, it leads to increased sales and revenue.